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Pelagic fish

Pelagic fish live in the water column between the surface and the seabed, which sets them apart from groundfish.

Merinov conducts work primarily on the lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) in Grande-Rivière.The lumpfish is a pelagic fish that typically lives in deep water, as much as 300 metres deep. During the reproduction period, from June to July in North American waters, lumpfish come in near the coast. Once the female has deposited her eggs on the rocky seabed, the male protects the spawn for about forty days. Lumpfish flesh, limp and gelatinous, is not greatly appreciated. Only the flesh of the male is sometimes eaten, either fresh or smoked. Lumpfish are reared primarily for their highly prized roe, which is marketed as caviar. Merinov has conducted experimental work on lumpfish for several years. A Gaspé Peninsula company is interested in the sale of raw roe.



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