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Fiche projet Maillage transformation halieutique 100 % valorisation

  • Fishery Processing Networks to Maximize Co-Product Recovery

Fiche projet Élaboration d’un appât alternatif pour la pêche au homard

  • Development of an Alternative Bait for Lobster Fishing

Fiche projet Optimisation des méthodes de culture de l'algue rouge palmaria palmata en bassin et en mer

  • Optimization of Tank and Marine Cultivation Methods of Red Alga Palmaria palmata

Évaluation du potentiel de la crevette de roche pour le développement d’une pêche complémentaire sur la Côte-Nord

Fiche projet OPTIMAL exploitation industrielle des algues de culture

Development of a multilevel trawl

  • Species fished using a bottom trawl are not necessarily present in the first few meters from the bottom. Therefore fishing practices can be adapted to reduce the impact and cost of bottom trawling. The objective of this project is to design a commercial-scale, three-level trawl to document the vertical position of Northern shrimp and bycatch species.

New patented preservative for smoked salmon

  • Contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, a pathogenic microorganism that can cause serious food poisoning. To control Listeria, the protective bacterium Carnobacterium divergens M35 was isolated from blue mussels in the lab.

Fiche Un service d'innovation en appui à l'industrie du homard

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