What we can achieve together

Our clients and partners can count on tailored support to advance their innovation projects. We can help to bring together the right people for the project with our specialized facilities and equipment, network of collaborators and access to funding programs.

Our experts work with you throughout the process to efficiently achieve the greatest effect.

Applied research

We follow strict scientific protocols in our applied research and R&D work to align with industry needs. Our work enables us to acquire new knowledge that can subsequently be applied to solve problems or seize opportunities.

Technology transfer and technical assistance

Our technology transfer and technical assistance services involve the concrete application of our research findings. Our experts share this new knowledge with businesses to improve their existing processes and facilities and help them solve problems, improve their efficiency and increase their productivity.

Design and process engineering

Our team develops equipment prototypes for all areas related to our sectors of operation, including production, preservation and harvesting. Our experts are involved in each step of the process, from the design phase through planning and prototyping. The new equipment undergoes in-plant testing to evaluate its performance.

Profitability and process optimization

Our profitability and process optimization service helps businesses be more efficient and maximize their profits. Our multi-faceted expertise enables us to serve clients from various sectors.

Diagnostics and support

Our experts review existing farming and cultivation methods, identify issues and make recommendations to point businesses to tailored solutions.

Analysis services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive analysis services that include chemical, biochemical, microbiological, extraction method and hydrolysis analyses. We collect data using a variety of analytical methods and processes that have been developed by our very own experts.

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