Reinventing the sea


We put our Quebec-based and international network to work on your projects. Innovation and collaboration are the key to your success.


With our facilities, equipment, network of collaborators and access to funding programs, we bring together the right people to work on impactful projects.


Creating business relationships and long-term partnerships is the secret to innovation. Partner with us and let’s reinvent the sea together.


Our tailored support approach propels your project further. We work together to develop your ideas.

Our sectors


Our team develops sustainable fishing techniques to reduce impacts on biodiversity. Our engineering and oceanography expertise enables us to find innovative solutions to meet industry needs.


Our experts improve upon existing farming techniques and develop sustainable farming methods for new high-potential aquaculture species.


Our team helps businesses with plant-based operations improve the quality of their products, the efficiency of their equipment and the environmental performance of their industrial processes.


Our experts help businesses make the most of each kilogram of biomass by helping them develop extraction and purification techniques and maximizing the value of marine by-products.