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Our client partners collaborate with experts from various fields. Our facilities, equipment and knowledge enable us to propel our clients’ ideas further and achieve maximum results.

Fisheries Technology

Our fisheries technology team supports the industry by developing and optimizing fishing equipment and bait to maximize catches. It also develops solutions to ensure the health and safety of workers.

Fisheries Diversification

Our team works to develop emerging fisheries with high commercial potential to diversify the industry and relieve the pressure placed on the St. Lawrence marine ecosystem.

Shellfish Farming

Our team supports the shellfish farming industry at many stages of production, from optimization through process development, for both new and existing species. Our experts are available to help make the most of efforts and outcomes.

Seaweed Farming

Our experts help seaweed farming companies optimize their production in a variety of ways by working with them to increase the success rate of their cultures.

Fish Farming

Merinov’s team assists fish farmers with various steps of their projects, including transfering protocols to optimize farming and introducing new types of production.

Bio-food Product Development

Our team of experts working on bio-food product development supports businesses with various steps in the product development process. Regardless of the level of maturity of a project, our expertise can be of service, for example, for recipe development, conservation methods, or nutritional labelling.

Industrial Processing Methods

Our team members assist their clients by performing diagnostics to develop solutions that will optimize the quality of their products. We help clients to increase their manufacturing performance by improving or automating their production chain.

Bioresources and Biotechnology

Our experts assist businesses with the aim of valorizing 100% of aquatic biomass. Our processes make it possible to give each gram of material a use and value in order to create high value-added bioproducts that maximize profits.

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