Industrial Processing Methods



Cedric Arbez


Cédric Arbez, ing.


Our industrial processing experts help businesses focus on and improve the quality of the products they produce. They help businesses set and uphold stringent quality standards. Our clients and industrial partners receive support each step of the way to avoid losses and maximize results.

Our team supports clients by conducting diagnostics to develop industrial processes that will help them optimize the quality of their products. We help them increase their manufacturing performance by, for example, improving or automating their production chain.

During each project, we work to reduce water and energy consumption in the manufacturing facilities. We are able to help business have the right tools at their disposal to reduce losses and optimize resource use by improving industrial processes.

Our team helps manufacturers maintain product quality and freshness for an optimal sea-to-market process.


  • Development of industrial methods
  • Development of automation and robotization solutions
  • Quality and production auditing
  • Guidance regarding fish tanks


Marine products dryer

Industrial diagnostic


Marine products dryer

Industrial diagnostic